The Road You Travel

The road you travel has not been an easy one to traverse.

Tears and anguish have often been your companion
At times you feel that you struggle alone, without friends,
in a land where no one cares.


Your skies are filled by a dark cloud that blocks out all light,
all joy and all happiness.
Fear and self doubt often are the road marks you find.

I can not offer words to console you,
words alone with not ease your pain.
I can not make you believe that I will always care
especially when you need to talk and I'm not there.
I can not always walk with you as much as I might wish it so.


But I can tell you my faith in you will never be diminished.
I know the person you are.
I know the heart that beats inside you.
I see the spirit that you sometimes doubt.
I recognize the talent I know you possess.
and I respect the person you are.

Words often fail me and
I know only time will make things better for you,
but know that I care about you,
even when I canít always find the words
or means to tell you just how much I
truly do value you.

© Copyright Brenda Hager, September 2005
Do not use or reproduce without permission

""When the heart sings and the spirit soars,
the music of life is complete."
bkh - October 99
"Love is the music the heart sings best."
"To bring you laughter each morning and warmth at night...
would bring me joy at all hours." :c)

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Music, "Hope", is an original composition by
Margi Harrell
and is used with permission.